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President's Message 2024

04 Jan 2024 2:28 PM | Patti March (Administrator)

I am honored to serve as the 2024 President of the Albuquerque Sales & Economic Growth Association (ASEGA). I am immensely proud to serve on the 2024 Executive Board with Past President Mike Zimmer; President Elect and Board Liaison Katie Uilk; Strategic Planning Director Dean Johnson; Sergeant at Arms Luke Saiz; Secretary/Treasurer Karen Martinez; Board of Directors:  Miriam Freeman, Oscar Huber, Deanna Mathis.

I have been a member of ASEGA since 2020. I was accepted into ASEGA just prior to COVID impacting our community. I was able to witness over forty-five business owners pivot and support each other to survive the impact of COVID on the State of New Mexico through shutdowns. I sat on the executive board in 2023 as the President Elect. One of the biggest accomplishments of 2023 was the development of Strategic Planning project for the future of ASEGA. Dean Johnson initiated this accomplishment. Through the Strategic Planning process, five focus groups (Strategic Planning, Membership, Technology/Marketing, Location, Event Planning) were developed to ensure the perpetuity of ASEGA for many, many years to come. Members were quick to sign up for the focus groups because WE believe in the impact and success of ASEGA.

The purpose of the Albuquerque Sales & Economic Growth Association is the joint, common interest of promoting small businesses in Central New Mexico through making members aware of local, county, state, and federal laws, ordinances, rules and regulations, and proposed laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations that affect small businesses.

ASEGA is among the oldest, largest, and most active business groups in the Albuquerque area. I have found that ASEGA has been THE most beneficial and successful group I have ever participated in for business owners and business success. The membership wants each other to thrive in their respective industries. ASEGA is a very tight knit group. We genuinely care about each other like an extended family. We also have outside quarterly events for ASEGA members and their families.

At each of our weekly Wednesday lunch meetings (1130am-1pm), the membership presents business advisories and other information of value to the membership. The membership prides itself on keeping each other informed about numerous topics:  crime prevention, economic development, changing laws/ordinances, job training programs, legislative updates, and so much more. We keep each other informed of businesses coming into and leaving the area. When we can provide a business advisory from our Association to another member of the Association, we are confident in making the advisory because we have taken time to get to know the high-quality member and their business. We support and help each other thrive in challenging times. Occasionally, we have guest speakers that add value by educating us on legislative updates, changing economic climate, training opportunities, and more. We also require our members to give a presentation on their own business regarding laws and regulations, proposed laws and regulations, and any other items affecting their operation, products, or services of his/her business at least once per year. Members are also required to provide an industry update at least twice per year on their own industry. We are always seeking locally owned, small business owners to increase the membership of ASEGA.

One of my all-time favorite sayings is “When the time to perform arrives, the time to prepare has passed” by William Bennett (1975). I have used this quote as motivation to always be as prepared as possible whether it is for today or the future.

ASEGA would not be where it is today, if it were not for the Executive Director, Veronica Kemper. She schedules weekly meetings, monthly executive board meetings, manages the financial reports diligently, and ensures ASEGA consistently runs efficiently and effectively. Veronica Kemper is the backbone of ASEGA and its success.

I am looking forward to a remarkably successful 2024 with some of the greatest business owners in the State of New Mexico.

If you have any questions about Albuquerque Sales & Economic Growth Association, please visit our website:, email ASEGA at or feel free to contact me.

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